About Rahisi

Rahisi means easy, simple or affordable in Swahili. That is what Rahisi is all about. Rahisi payroll system has been designed to facilitate the most time consuming tasks and make them so easy and accurate. By using Rahisi, you are guaranteed to complete and submit the most important reports to the government as well as your company to ensure financial transparency of the company.

Rahisi payroll system is one of the kind, it has been designed to tackle many obstacles that are faced by most companies in Tanzania. The application has been designed and developed in Tanzania, this is a great news in terms of support, as it is available locally and 24/7.

What can Rahisi do?

Rahisi payroll is a complete payroll system, it organises all the tasks of employee payment and the filing of employee taxes. The system provides the way of adding other types of earnings to the employees including, bonuses, loans, overtimes and etc. It can also perform all sorts of deductions, penalties, social security contributions, and also skill development levy (SDL).

Rahisi can generate the entire payroll with one click of a button and gives the option to send payslips to all employees via email as well as SMS. Furthermore, Rahisi payroll system has also taken into account the issue of multi currency and exchange rate fluctuation which is indeed a nightmare to most companies and financial experts.

The system can generate different types of reports and allow the user to download the report in different formats. The application also has multiple options that can be activated or deactivated upon company policy or preference.